Sherlock 3 confirmed!

While the Steven Moffat/Mark Gatiss brilliance that is Sherlock was coming to a second series finale last night with the transmission of The Reichenbach Fall, Downton Abbey, the other bit of brilliance out of the UK, was moments away from winning this years Golden Globe for Best mini-series or motion picture made for television.

Both events now take a huge backseat to the other news coming out of the UK as announced on Twitter late last night by Sherlock co-creators, Moffat and Gatiss. No need for any more information here. Most welcome news I’ve ever seen. And, in far less than 140 characters….

From Steven Moffat….

From Mark Gatiss….

Need we say anything else? I think not. But, for those needing more that 140 characters, here’s how the story played out from the BBC.

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