Vote for your favorite Downton Abbey character

As U.S. television viewers continue their weekly love affair with Downton Abbey, series producers are gearing up for production of the third series, which is set to begin in the UK in February. Prior to the premiere of series 2, viewers on both sides of the pond have not only had the opportunity to determine the character they are most like from the series, but there was also a way of finding out whether or not you secretly would rather live upstairs or downstairs.

Now, just when you thought it was safe to go into the water and there was nothing else that could be created to get you any more involved in the series that has swept-up the American television landscape, comes the ultimate series viewer engagement that let’s you vote on a weekly basis how you love or loathe the inhabitants of Downton Abbey. This is just plain cool.

Someone you love today, you may loathe tomorrow and vice versa, depending on the week’s episode. You can only vote once per weekly episode so, as the producers say, vote wisely. Click here to begin voting.

To get you started and see the magic first hand, click here to see how the country feels after week two of the current season. All I can say is how is it possible that Anna is ahead of the Dowager Countess in terms of likeability?

Happy viewing….and voting.

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