Was that the TARDIS in Sherlock 2?

Given that UK telly watchers have had the great good fortune to see the entire second series of, what I will always and forever refer to as, the brilliance of Sherlock, it’s up to the American television audience to verify the following when the series premieres Sunday, May 6 on PBS as part of the Masterpiece series. During the second episode of the series, The Hounds of the Baskerville, which will transmit on May 13 on PBS, there seemed to be a strange occurrence that appeared in the distance of the moors.

I know the mind plays tricks on you when you are put in a potentially terrifying position (e.g. howling black hounds, Baskerville moors, darkness, fog, etc.). This one, however, was caught on tape and is there for all to see. Was the mind playing tricks on everyone at the exact same moment in time or, as one might now be led to believe, has the Doctor actually met Sherlock Holmes over the course of time. What role might the Traveling Time Lord actually have played that fateful night in the moors?

Any thoughts from those who have seen the Sherlock episode in question? Otherwise, it’s up to the American television audience to shed light on this following the May 13, 2012 broadcast…..or, watch this clip. TARDIS or not, it makes for a great discussion as to whether or not these two brilliant minds have met somewhere in time. Thoughts?


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