Equal time request: The 10 best Dr. Watsons

Hopefully, by now, you have been able to select your favorite Sherlock Holmes of all-time. We all know who you selected so, to be clear, you’re in good company if you selected Benedict Cumberbatch. However, it’s been pointed out by several readers that Dr. Watson wants a little equal time. As with the Sherlock rankings, the Telegraph has done most of the work for you.

Looking at the list, I quickly realized just how oblivious I’ve been over the years to the role of Dr. Watson as most went completely unnoticed. Only ones that immediately came to mind were Nigel Bruce and the current, Martin Freeman. Had no remembrance that the great Andrew Sachs (Manuel, Fawlty Towers) was the good Doctor at one point. I felt a bit better learning that it was Andrew’s voice that played Dr. Watson for a BBC Radio series for almost 10 years.

As with the Sherlock pole, I’m guessing I know who’s going to be the favorite, but you tell me. Click on the link for the Telegraph’s 10 greatest Dr. Watson’s of all-time. Would love to know your reasoning for your most favorite.

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