The A-Z of Sherlock

While the UK was in the midst of Sherlock separation anxiety given last night was the first Sunday of the new year w/out a bit of Steven Moffat/Mark Gatiss greatness. Fortunately, they had the premiere of Sebastian Faulks’s modern classic set during the First World War, starring Eddie Redmayne and Clémence Poésy. While the U.S. is still in a holding pattern until May 6 for the new season of Sherlock, at least PBS viewers have a few weeks of the second series of Downton Abbey followed by Great Expectations, Mystery of Edwin Drood and Birdsong before settling in for three weeks of television greatness in May.

Either way, viewers on both sides of the pond need a bit of pre- or post-Sherlock bits and bobs. Enter Radio Times and their recent A-Z of Sherlock. For UK viewers, it’s a great reminder of just how good television has been in 2012 and for U.S. viewers, a preview of how good television will be in 2012. While U.S. viewers should pay close attention to “A” and “F“, everyone on the planet will love “T“.

That said, “Hreally should have been for Hounds.

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