Fancy a TARDIS Cat Playhouse for that special someone?

Another one of those “too good to pass up” finds that one feels obligated to share. A quick thanks goes out to Bruce Gunn and The Mary Sue for the original find and, ultimately, pointing us in the right direction to dig a bit deeper into this very special project.

As the story goes, back in 2005, Astromark, a frequent contributor of the TARDIS Builders forums, began constructing a miniatureĀ TARDIS for a very special member of the household, the family kitten, Kaylee. Pretty simple, when you think about it. Cats love boxes so, what’s not to love about the Doctor’s mode of travel. Inspired by an earlier, albeit smaller, project built as a Christmas gift for another family member, this one had to be quite special given the demanding nature of the recipient.

While Kaylee was kept in the dark (actually, just hidden in another room) during the construction phase of the project, after all was said and done, Kaylee was a bit tentative at first with respect to her new inter-galactic playhouse, but quickly became more that attached to her new home within minutes. Thankfully, contrary to public outcry and, definitely, for Kaylee’s, her name was not changed to Doctor Mew.

Funny, it really is larger on the inside than you think, isn’t it?

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