Being Human IV vs. Super Bowl XLVI

The U.S. may have the Super Bowl on Sunday, 5 February, but the real television event happening in the UK on the same Sunday will be the 4th series premiere of Being Human on BBC Three. Not quite the match-up that makes or breaks the books in Vegas, but I know who the favorite is amongst tellyspotting readers even though the Super Bowl has a 42-year advantage.

For others, if you’re thinking this is a to close to call, then I offer you a couple of thoughts. One, regardless of the outcome, there will be a Super Bowl next year. Are you really interested to see if Tom Brady can win another Super Bowl? And, two, you will need to see episode one of Being Human before next Sunday, 12 February as that’s when episode two will be transmitted. No need to do the math on this one. Being Human it is. Glad I could help everyone with their decision.

Unfortunately, for those that know the story of BH, it’s not as simple as the old ‘boy meets girl’ from decades ago. It’s more along the lines of ‘…a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost get a flat in Britsol’. That’s all you need to know prior to seeing the trailer for next Sundays premiere of BH4

Just as most do for any sporting event, you can’t tell the players in Being Human without a scorecard. Another reason BH4 will win out on Sunday, as their ‘scorecard’ takes the form of a video. No 150-page program needed to identify their ‘players’.

Being Human 4 Hal ‘prequel’:

Being Human 4 Tom ‘prequel’:

Being Human 4 Annie ‘trailer’:

Any question now as to what you’ll be watching on 5 February in the UK? FYI, for U.S. readers, best bet on American premiere is that it will be Summer 2012 on BBC America. At least then, the only sports option will be the MLB All-Star Game. Hardly a choice.

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