Only Fools and Horses getting American face-lift….Sigh

What has widely been viewed as one of the most popular situation comedies of all-time in the UK will now become the next American re-make that will not last one season (IMHO). The ABC Television Network has announced that a pilot is in the works from the brains behind the U.S. comedy, Scrubs. For some time, the biggest cheerleader for the project was Steve Carell, who stars as Michael Scott in the American version of The Office. Carell has long said that playing David Jason’s character Del Boy, would be his “dream role“. “The British do sitcoms better than anybody else in the world. I think with the right scriptwriters and cast we could do Only Fools and Horses justice. If anybody wants to help me do a remake I’d love it,” Carell added. For some unknown reason (maybe I do know why) ABC waited to announce until the year after the brilliant creator of OFAH passed away. Can’t imagine he would have ever agreed to such a thing.

Here’s where I’m compelled to mention a few failed attempts over the years….

  • Coupling – lasted only a few episodes even after using British scripts verbatum
  • Chateau Snavely, Amanda, Payne – all failed American versions of Fawlty Towers
  • Red Dwarf – unaired pilot
  • The IT Crowd – unaired pilot
  • The Rear Guard – failed Dad’s Army re-do
  • Beane’s of Boston – Are You Being Served re-make that made it to pilot stage only, thankfully.

Let’s not even talk about Prime Suspect, the AbFab pilot attempt by Roseanne Barr or the discussion of a Vicar of Dibley re-do starring Kirstie Alley.

Thankfully, The Guardian has a keen eye and brilliant sense of humor over this as they offer some thoughts as to the subtle changes that will be made. I particularly like how The Nags Head will now have to be a Hooters in order to Americanize the series. Can’t wait to see what “lovely jubbly” will translate to in “American”.

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