Saturday Night Live imagines Downton Abbey on Spike TV

***Update for those trying to access the video clip below. Sadly, the folks at NBC Universal have decided that a little extra added promotion for Saturday Night Live is not of interest. When you click on the video below you will now be greeted with a very nice message that says: “This video contains content from NBC Universal, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.“. Too bad, it was not only funny but very well done.

FYI, for Downton Abbey fans in the States that made the right decision after being faced with a telly choice of either the next new installment of DA or the Super Bowl telly as a Sunday evening viewing option, the final score was New York 21, New England 17.

Saturday, I mistakenly thought that PBS had arrived with the delivery of the 6 February edition of TV Guide with Downton Abbey on the cover. PBS actually became cool again late on Saturday evening with a classic Saturday Night Live spoof which imagined what the series would be like had it been produced for and promoted by Spike TV.

TV Guide cover and Saturday Night Live spoof all in one week. Just like old times at PBS.

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