Printable Downton Abbey characters to combat separation anxiety

As Downton Abbey closes its doors this evening on PBS stations across the United States, viewers that have already begun their separation anxiety classes can, at least, cling to the knowledge that series 3 is currently in production with a target transmission date of Fall 2012 in the UK and January 2013 on PBS in the States.Not since the infamous Ken Burns Effect was created on iMovie has there been an instance where PBS found its self at the top of the ever-changing pop-culture pile. Personally, I’m already envisioning the greatness of the first Maggie Smith (Dowager Countess)/Shirley MacLaine (Martha Levinson, mother of Lady Grantham) encounter in series 3.

With a multitude of American television viewers who have spent the last two months organizing Sunday night viewing parties, chatting on endlessly about the latest plot twists on Facebook and Twitter, posting photographs of themselves watching it wearing special outfits and, actually, some who even dress their dogs as Downton characters, Vulture has come up with the ultimate answer to combat the inevitable onset of Downton Abbey separation anxiety….printable Downton Abbey characters, created by Kyle Hilton.

This is brilliant. You can print out the Dowager Countess, with ‘multiple facial expressions’; Thomas & O’Brien, with ‘conspiring action and evil playset’; Sybil Crawley, with ‘female empowerment accessories’ and Matthew & Mary, complete with ‘even more sexual tension’.

What are you waiting for….print them out here and make up your own story lines. It’ll be a great way to pass the time between now and the beginning of series 3. If you feel so inclined, let us know some of the story lines you come up with.

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