What would you pay to rent the TARDIS for a year?

There are times when the Internets expose those who have way too much time on their hands. There are other times when it is greatness when you find the results of their free time and can share it with the world.

Fresh on the heels of determining the cost of building the Death Star, those crazy folks over at Centives are hard at work developing an answer to the question that I know has been on everyone’s mind for, I don’t know, the last 48+ years, perhaps….the cost to rent the TARDIS for a year. I know, you gave up the thought of renting it because you thought it was priceless. But, at just over £15 million pounds ($23 million), it’s a bargain. A quick look at some of the equivalent costs when considering your rental….

  • Ten full-time interpreters allowing you unlimited access to the Universe – £260,000
  • One luxury hotel room at £1,000 per night – £365,000
  • Elite Helicopter access 5 days/week for a year (with pilot) – £566,400
  • Space travel via Virgin Galactic – £6,543,680 (£125,840, once per week for a year) – get in line quick as over 430 have already booked at that price.
  • Cryogenic freezing for space travel – £7,569,484 (£145,567, once a week freezing to allow for time travel)

Next up for Centives? How Big is The Matrix, of course.

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