Speedy's adds Sherlock Wrap to menu today

Sherlock Wrap hits Speedy’s menu today

It was with extreme sadness that I exited the Euston Square tube station last Thursday around 4:00pm, made the short walk to 187 North Gower Street only to find out that the now infamous Speedy’s Sandwich Bar & Cafe closes at 3:30p daily. After a quick expletive deleted directed at the tardy train from Liverpool to London following the end of the 2012 BBC Showcase, I had to at least come away with a photo, knowing that this was my only shot at dining where the likes of Sherlock, Watson and Mycroft have dined before me.

For those in the UK both fortunate and able to get to Speedy’s, beginning today, there’s a new item on the menu – the Sherlock Wrap. It all started recently with Speedy’s putting a call out to followers on Twitter to come up with the ultimate mix of ingredients that would make up the new sandwich. Speedy’s would judge from the entries submitted and actually create a new menu item from the winning entry. Fortunately, @Angella_m answered the call and came up with a killer sounding sandwich “wrapped as tightly as Sherlock’s personality“.

Note to self. Next time take an earlier train, grab a Sherlock Wrap and head to the Nags Head, post Speedy’s.

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