Being Human to rise again in 2013 with series 5

Have to admit, I was a bit skeptical going in to the fourth series of Being Human on BBC Three. If you are preparing for a mega-marathon of the first three series and have not seen series four, please be warned that spoilers are imminent.

Why my skepticism? Well, let’s see. Immediately, no Mitchell, no Herrick and no Nina. And, soon to be, no George. For a series that has been genius at times with a storyline of “…a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf get a flat in Bristol“, it seemed conceivable that going in to a new season without three of the four lead characters and a brilliant minor character for seasons 1-3 that this would be the first nail in the Being Human coffin (sorry). Only Annie (Lenora Crichlow) would remain.

It’s hard enough for humans to practice the art of ‘being human’ let alone a vampire, ghost and werewolf trying to live ordinary human lives and the everyday pressures and dangers that cross their paths while living amongst ‘humans’. Fortunately, creator Toby Whithouse proved to be as brilliant as he was in creating the first three series by almost completely reinventing the series with the introduction of Hal (Damien Molony) and the return of both Tom (Michael Socha) and Adam (Craig Roberts) for series four. For me, this is no longer a ‘telly guilty pleasure’. This is brilliant telly that I admit to watching freely at public gatherings.

Now that series four has come to a dramatic conclusion on BBC Three this past week with the U.S. bracing for the finale this coming Sunday, BH fans worldwide can rest easy knowing that there will be a series 5. It was announced during the credits of the final episode broadcast on Sunday that there would be a series 5 along with the very creepy graphic below. Immediately following Sundays conclusion, series writer/creator, Toby Whithouse, took to the Internets and tweeted a very welcome 76 characters…โ€œThere will be a 5th series of #beinghuman โ€“ how bloody amazing! Happy dance!โ€. Happy dance, indeed. Here’s to more Being Human brilliance in 2013.

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