Attn: Sherlockians. Time to unite for a BBC Sherlock convention

On the heels of the first ever official BBC Doctor Who Convention this past weekend in Cardiff, it’s time for Sherlock fans worldwide to demand equal time. It’s hard to believe that the longest running science fiction series in the history of television had to wait almost 49 years before getting its first ‘official’ convention complete with special appearances by Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and current show runner, Stephen Moffat.

A mere 48+ years ahead of their time, the great folks over at @SpeedysCafe, creators of the now infamous Sherlock wrap, have created a twitition to get the word out about their brilliant suggestion of an official BBC Sherlock Convention. If you are so inclined, don’t make Sherlock fans wait for over four decades to meet other Sherlockians, throw your support towards convincing the BBC to come to their senses and realize they are sitting on, perhaps, one of the best television drama/mystery series in the history of television.

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