BBC Endeavor – music soundtrack 101

Just like the incredibly important job of the editor, a brilliant music soundtrack can elevate a good story into a great one. PBS Masterpiece viewers will, no doubt, remember the haunting soundtrack to Case Histories with Jason Isaacs broadcast last Fall. With the U.S. broadcast of Endeavor with Shaun Evans set for a July 2012 premiere on PBS, the original soundtrack was created specifically for the series and recorded at the infamous Abbey Road Studios.

To prepare everyone on both sides of the pond for greatness to come, here you can see not only the recording, but how it so perfectly fits into the storyline of what’s on screen. Being the consummate sucker for anything behind-the-scenes, this was just too good not to share.

Both UK and U.S. viewers can be safe with the knowledge that this well-crafted ‘prequel’ to the Inspector Morse series has been commissioned by ITV1 for an additional four episodes coming in 2013.

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