Doctor Who heads to Welsh graveyard to film Ponds' farewell

Doctor Who showrunner, Steven Moffat, is pulling out all the stops for the 7th season of the longest running science fiction on the planet….and beyond. As we have been reporting since filming began back in February, the upcoming series has logged a lot of frequent flyer miles this time around from Cardiff to Spain to New York and now back to a fairly creepy Welsh graveyard for, what looks like, shooting of the final scenes of Amy and Rory’s departure….or are they?

With the Ponds’ departure rumored to be the fifth episode in the series that will premiere in the Fall (sadly, no date yet) and judging from the photos and accounts that are circulating around the Internets, there are Weeping Angels spotted in the graveyard so you know this can’t be good. More photos and SERIOUS SPOILERS can be found here at

I know the other Moffat brilliance, Sherlock, is just around the corner but seeing the Doctor Who trailer below makes me really, really wish it was Fall.

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