Spooks 10 – This is the End

As Jim Morrison and The Doors sang….This is the End.

With all the recent Sherlock and Downton Abbey talk the last few months, lets not forget the final series premiere of, perhaps, the best television show on television, MI5 (Spooks in the UK), as the series takes a final bow on public television this month (KERA premieres the final series on Thursdays beginning 10 May). If you feel the need to catch up, start now as there are 80 episodes in the first 9 seasons that you’ll need to get through before you being the final series. Spooks is definitely the definition of ‘you can’t tell the players without a scorecard’. Unfortunately, with Spooks, you have to buy a new scorecard ever series. The final series is no different.

Finally….as we get closer to the final series premiere, if you just don’t have the time to watch 80 hours prior to Thursday, (or whenever your local public television station begins the final series), we’ll get you ready wherever you are with the Spooks 10 drinking game as created by Officer Skully and readers over at the Spooks Fan Blog.

Personal favorite that, over the long haul, requires a great deal of moderation? How about when Harry puts on his black gloves. On screen, you know someone is about to die, but it’s a sure sign that someone in the audience is going to need a drink of their favorite beverage to get through the scene.

For the final season, you may recognize Lara Pulver as the new head of Section D. Where from, you might ask? Lara also stars in the new season of Sherlock, which premieres tonight on PBS, as Irene Adler. As with Sherlock, UK fans already know what we are in for here in the States with respect to the final series of Spooks. Anyone care to share some spoiler-free hints?

Don’t forget – Sherlock, tonight at 8:00p CT / 9:00p ET on PBS.

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