Time to channel your inner Sherlock

In our continued euphoria spillover effect during Sherlock premiere week on PBS, it’s time lose the ‘…these are professionals, do not attempt this at home‘ subtext that has been running through your mind as you watch. Quit thinking you would be starring at Irene Adler and see nothing but ????. Now is the time to channel your inner-Sherlock, or, after 4 episodes now, maybe even your inner-Watson and take the Sherlock Observation Game.

Never mind the thought that Sherlock will be standing beside you uttering the words “Bored” or “Obvious”, it’s time to test your powers of perception and see how you stack up against the world’s greatest, and only, consulting detective. To play, spot a difference, then click on it. Find all five differences in each picture set if you can before time runs out.

Careful where you click — wrong clicks take away time and, in the words of Jim Moriarty, you’ll get burned. Right clicks and you might get a call from DI Lestrade soon.

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