Pythons reveal favorite modern comedies….

After having to suffer for years and years of fans worldwide wanting to know what are the Pythons favorite sketches or what were their early days influences for the brilliant Python sketches, at long last, someone has asked the likes of Terry Gilliam, Carol Cleveland, Terry Jones and Michael Palin, what makes them laugh…non-Python related. Together to launch the Monty Python’s Flying Circus Python Bytes app (which seems to be the sole reason people get together today, to release apps), Digital Spy asked each of the Pythons in attendance what their favorite modern comedies were.

Thankfully, after all these years, it was nice to hear we share the same tastes in comedy with Terry Gilliam mentioning Family Guy, Carol Cleveland talking Six Feet Under, Michael Palin acknowledging he’s a big fan of Dexter and Twenty Twelve, while Terry Jones, unfortunately, seemed to shock the Pythons by revealing that his telly is in the garage so a bit difficult to identify his current favorites.

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