Fry and Laurie getting the band back together

While the final episode of House is a mere six days away on Monday, 21 May, thankfully, Hugh Laurie is already trying to limit his down time. Seems as though Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry are ‘getting the band back together’ for a yet to be determined project. The British Comedy Guide has reported that the great comedy duo (A Bit of Fry & Laurie, Jeeves and Wooster and Blackadder) will reunite in the not-too-distant future now that House has ended and Laurie seems primed to head back to the UK.

Fry, as is usually the case, took to Twitter on Monday with the following 140 character gem of a tweet: “Hugh Laurie and I are cooking up a project together. We will be working again soon. Sorry to be mysterious but more news when I can.” Ever since the duo reunited for a 90-minute UKTV GOLD special, Fry and Laurie: Reunited, marking the 30th anniversary of their partnership, there has been speculation of an impending lengthier reunion.The two reminisced through 30 years of friendship, careers and sketches during the special.

Personally, just the thought of them getting back together for any kind of project is good enough for me.

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  • Only found out about this two days ago and it is the best news of the year!!!!! May they stay together and do many more projects: A BIT MORE OF FRY AND LAURIE HAS STARTED!!!! 😀 😀 😀