Sherlock = Cat; Moriarty = Mouse; Sherlock = Brilliant telly!

Sunday’s finale of Sherlock tops the good news/bad news list this week. First, let’s get the bad news out of the way….Sunday’s episode is the final episode in series two and, according to series producers, production on series three won’t begin until early 2013 in a perfect world. Now the good news….

Sherlock “The Reichenbach Fall” is the most perfect 90 minutes of television and the best episode so far that have come from the brilliant minds of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. Sunday’s finale sees the return of the truly insane criminal mastermind of Jim Moriarty (Andrew Scott). What could be better than a consulting detective and consulting criminal engaging in a constantly escalating series of high-stakes face-offs that begin in the courtroom and end in the “solution” of an inescapable final problem.

Critics on both sides of the pond have called Sherlock “The Reichenbach Fall” both mind-blowing and gut-wrenching. I’m in, how about you?

Earlier this year at the BBC Showcase in Liverpool, when I mentioned to Andrew Scott (Moriarty) that, having just seen “A Scandal in Belgravia” and thought it was brilliant telly, he quickly summoned up that hint of a Moriarty smile and said, “…you haven’t seen anything yet, referring to Sundays final episode. He was right….you haven’t.

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