A trip to St. Barts and the scene of the Sherlock finale

Still reeling from last night’s Sherlock?

If you were anywhere near the telly last night in America for the season finale of Sherlock “The Reichenbach Fall”, you are probably quite tired and drained this morning from what has to have been the best 90-minutes of television and, the most moving final scene, in recent memory. Given the wild speculation across the UK following the BBC broadcast last Fall, I would suspect the same queries will light up the Internet this week in America. Even though series co-creator, Steven Moffat, insists that the clue as to how Sherlock survives is on-screen, having watched it twice now, one can only speculate about 10 different scenarios.

Thanks to Sherlockology, which is without question the ultimate guide for all-things Sherlock on the planet, America can live vicariously and take a virtual trip to St. Barts Hospital through the eyes of Sherlock‘s biggest fan to recreate the final scene in our minds.

As Sherlockology approached the site of what has always held an important place in the complete of Sherlock Holmes since the very beginning, “…Almost bizarrely, this silence, coupled with the knowledge of what you see onscreen in The Reichenbach Fall lends the site a sense of unexpected reverence. We’re rational adults who can separate fiction from reality, but even so, we found ourselves walking around Market View as if we were visiting a crime scene, reenacting John’s movements and feeling the full impact of what it must be like to see your best friend standing on the edge of a rooftop on such a tall building. The atmosphere was certainly very sombre for us, as it genuinely felt like a place that had recently seen a tragic event. It was quite eerie in fact, like we were standing on hallowed ground – this probably sounds quite extreme, but the impression the episode leaves makes this effect at this location quite tangible.”

Not extreme at all, actually, given the concluding 10 minutes of the series 2 ender had to have been the most inexplicable combination of tenseness, fear, sadness and poignancy as you can legally have on the big or small screen. Should you want to venture over the St. Barts, the oldest standing hospital in England, and theorize for yourself on just how Sherlock did it, Sherlockology can point you to West Smithfield with ease.

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