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Mr. Peabody, set the WAYBAC Machine to September 2010 before any Sherlock program has been seen….

In what now seems to be a lifetime ago, Sherlock co-creator Steven Moffat and producer, Sue Vertue, give a bit of what is now background greatness as to how they created one of the most inventive series in recent memory from developing their earliest ideas and the adaptation process right through to the production and casting process.

Interviewed as part of the Kaleidoscopic Adaptations Festival, it’s interesting to hear the interview after seeing all six episodes in the series so far as both Moffat and Vertue discuss the initial complexities of adapting a Victorian novel into a modern day television drama and hear why both strongly believe the screenplay remains faithful to Conan Doyle’s original work.

Sherlock 3 set to begin filming in January 2013 (only 215 days from now)

Co-creator Steven Moffat had some long-awaited welcome news for Sherlock fans worldwide recently when he gave Digital Spy a bit of a series 3 update: “Well, we’ve had meetings about it. It’s certainly happening and we know when we’re filming it – we shoot in January. Obviously I’ve got quite a lot of work on between now and January!  So yes, it’s all happening and we’ve had our first few meetings. I don’t think a word has been committed to paper yet, but nearly.

It was also recently leaked by co-creator Mark Gatiss, himself, that he would be be writing the first episode of series 3 which will be based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original story ‘The Adventure of the Empty House’. Gatiss also revealed that Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman) will be furious when his friend returns from the dead.

Andrew Scott ‘hinting’ at Moriarty’s return?

He may appear to be dead and gone but evil Jim Moriarty could make a return to Sherlock, according to Andrew Scott, who brilliantly played the one who told Sherlock that ‘we’re just alike, you know, only you’re boring‘. At Sunday’s BAFTA Awards, where he SO deservedly won the BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor, Scott gave that evil grin to and said: “It’s very hard for him to come back. But nothing is impossible”.

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