BBC to buy viewers new Jonathan Creek for Christmas

When it comes to good news, the always widely-quoted, ever-so-popular, never mentioned by name BBC insider has told the British Comedy Guide that there will be a new Jonathan Creek episode for BBC viewers to unwrap this year. The ‘insider’ continued by saying: ‘It’s definitely going ahead. We’re very excited to see Jonathan back on screen with a new mystery to unravel’.

With the script already written, filming is most likely to begin in September. Look for the great Alan Davies to reprise his role as the popular magician’s assistant/magic trick deviser turned detective with Sheridan Smith, hopefully, returning as his ‘sidekick’, Joey Ross. The one-off special is to be added to the BBC One Christmas line-up and, hopefully, will find its way to the States not too long after.

If you’re not familiar with the Jonathan Creek, the series was created in 1997 by David Renwick (One Foot in the Grave, The Two Ronnies), think about grabbing next time you hit the video rental store. Well worth the time.

Now…if they would just bring back Whites with Alan Davies, oh what a happy holiday it would be.

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