A few weekend bits and bobs from Doctor Who & Sherlock

The ‘Doctors’ new companion is “In”

Jenna Louise-Coleman, the new companion in the upcoming DW7 series, has begun shooting her first scenes this week. According to DoctorWhoTV, filming is taking place on location at the medieval manor of Plas Llanmihangel. While no details have been released, there is speculation Jenna’s companion could be from the past. Here’s an on-set shot from what appears to be the Victorian era.

Snakes on a Plane: Doctor Who-style?

In a bit of other Doctor Who news, DoctorWhoTV has also reported a rumor (heavy accent on ‘rumor’) by The Daily Star that one of the episodes of the upcoming season will be titled “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship”, somewhat based on the Samuel L. Jackson pic, Snakes on a Plane….without the language issues, I’m guessing. Will be interesting to see how the Doctor gets out of a confrontation with a T-Rex, stegosaurus, raptor and pterodactyl armed with a sonic screwdriver.

Plantation owner role up next for ‘Sherlock’

As if being having featured roles in the likes of Tinker Tailor, War Horse, Parade’s End, the new Star Trek movie and Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey wasn’t enough to occupy one’s time between Sherlock series, Variety is reporting that Benedict Cumberbatch has just signed on to join the cast of 12 Years a Slave. With production set to begin in June, the film is based on Solomon Northrup’s 1853 nonfiction work and will star Chiwetel Ejiofor as the author, a free man kidnapped and sold into slavery. Cumberbatch will play a plantation owner who buys Ejiofor’s character and is won over by his engineering skills.

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