Catherine Tate to get full-time job at The Office?

Catherine Tate, known mainly to U.S. audiences from The Catherine Tate Show and Doctor Who has seemingly made it passed the initial interview stage and, according to Digital Spy, will possibly be joining The Office on NBC this Fall. Current show stars including John Krasinski, Rainn Wilson and Jenna Fischer will all be returning this fall for the ninth season of the American version of the hit BBC series of the same name. The former Doctor Who companion and appeared as boss Nellie Bertram in the second half of the comedy’s latest season.

Tate, who seems to periodically be rumored to be the next (and first) female Doctor Who, would replace Andy Bernard (Ed Helms), who replaced Michael Scott (Steve Carrell), as manager of the Scranton division of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Though a frequent attendee of anger management classes, Andy’s resulting fit of rage following the discovery that he has been mysteriously replaced by Tate’s character was not a pretty sight to behold and he was subsequently fired paving the way for Bertram’s permanent hiring. Maybe a bit of ‘jumping the shark’ but the American version of The Office remains one of the best Americanized versions of British comedy greatness. Look for the ninth season premiere this Fall on NBC.

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