Daleks weeping over Radio Times poll

A recent poll of over 10,000 RadioTimes.com readers have determined that the Weeping Angels are the best loved and/or most feared monsters in the Doctor Who universe. Given the fact that the Angels are living statues who are unable to move as long as they are being watched (don’t close your eyes or look away) and can instantly be on the move with stone fangs and claws blazing, it’s no wonder the Steven Moffat 2007 creation easily outdistanced the Doctor’s oldest enemy, the Daleks.

Reader Alyssa Woods summed up her reason for selecting the top vote getter: “Not only are they deadly, you look away, you die, blink, you die, look them in the eyes, you die. Not only are they fiercely intelligent as shown when they steal Bob’s vocal chords, but it takes an everyday object and makes you wonder.

The top-10 greatest Doctor Who monsters of all time according to RadioTimes.com poll:

1. The Weeping Angels (49.4%)
2. The Daleks (17%)
3. The Silence (11.84%)
4. The Master (8.66%)
5. The Vashta Nerada (6.81%)
6. The Cybermen (2.53%)
7. Davros (2.2%)
8. The Zygons (0.69%)
9. The Ice Warriors (0.54%)
10. The Sontarans (0.33%)

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