New comedy from BBC Three and Sky 1 HD to keep an eye on…

UK comedy output has taken a beating in recent years taking a back seat to quality drama output while viewers on both sides of the pond could do nothing but fondly remember the golden years of British comedy. With some pretty major commitments from the likes of Sky1 HD, ITV and the Beeb, things are definitely looking up which bodes well for series to migrate to the States. Series like Spy, Stella and Trollied have been all been renewed for a second series which means they are one step closer to an American audience… are a couple more that have just premiered to keep an eye on.

Parents on Sky 1 HD

This 6-part sitcom about three generations living under one roof. Sally Phillips (Miranda) and Darren Strange play a married couple with two teenage kids who are forced to move their family into their parents’ home.

Parents centres around Jenny Pope (Phillips), whose a high-flying executive living in a large house in west London. That came to an abrupt halt when she lost her job that she says was due to “structural changes” at the firm. In reality, it might have had something to do with an altercation with a colleague that got a little, er, “punchy”. Things went from bad to worse when her house is repossessed, and now she has to move her husband, self-styled entrepreneur Nick (Strange) and two teenage children, Sam (Christian Lees) and Becky (Jadie Rose Hobson), into her parents’ – Len (Tom Conti) and Alma (Susie Blake) – house in Kettering. Purely on a temporary basis, of course. However, Jenny’s determined to climb back up the ladder and get back to her old life, no matter what it takes.

Dead Boss on BBC Three

Written by and starring Sharon Horgan, Dead Boss, which premiered on BBC Three on Thursday, also stars Jennifer Saunders, Bryony Hannah and Lizzy Roper in this 6-part situation comedy set in Broadmarsh Prison. Helen Stephens (Sharon Horgan) has never done anything wrong in her life. When she is falsely imprisoned for the murder of her boss, she knows it’s only a matter of time before this horrible mistake is sorted and she is back to her old life.

However, everyone else around Helen seems to be conspiring to keep her on the inside for one reason or another including Helen’s fiancé and alibi, Justin (Barnaby Kay) who has mysteriously disappeared and her self-obsessed sister Laura (Aisling Bea) who is busy taking over her old life, flat and job. Doesn’t get any easier on the inside as Helen must deal with an arsonist cellmate is Christine (Bryony Hannah) who just needs a hug and Top Dog (Lizzy Roper) who takes an immediate dislike to Broadmarsh’s newest resident.

Here, prison Governor Margaret (Jennifer Saunders) instructs Helen to look after guest German inmate Gertrude (Anna Crilly). No biggie except Gertie is in prison for murdering and eating her husband.

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