Dowager Countess vs. Shirley MacLaine's Martha – Round One

Insert Michael Buffer here – Let’s Get Ready to Rumble…..

With the recent American Film Institute honoring of Shirley MacLaine with their 40th “AFI Life Achievement Award”, a number of celebrity friends paid tribute to the on-screen achievements of MacLaine. Of obvious interest to PBS viewers of that little series we call Downton Abbey was the tribute from DA co-star Elizabeth McGovern, who besides waxing eloquently about Shirley MacLaine, gave everyone a first glimpse from series 3 which begins in September in the UK and in January 2013 on PBS, featuring a the highly anticipated first exchange of witty banter between MacLaine and Maggie Smith.

While a bit difficult to hear in this clip given the less than desirable video and audio quality, the greatest bit here is the Dowager Countess’ come back line. As MacLaine’s character returns to Downton, she comes face to face with ‘she who should not be named’, “Oh, dear. I’m afraid the war has made old women of us both.” As only the Dowager Countess could say, “Oh, I wouldn’t say that but, then, I always keep out of the sun.

I’m so ready for Round Two. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a long Summer in the UK and an even longer Summer/Fall in the States.

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