CBS' Elementary is aptly named, I'm afraid

Sometimes you’ve just got to smile and let the law of natural selection run it’s course especially when you’re heading into a weekend. As we move closer to the network television Fall season we’ll be seeing a lot of teaser promos for the upcoming season, some good, some bad. Whether they like it or not, this CBS version of a 21st century Sherlock, starring Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, will be forever compared to and linked to the BBC version, Sherlock. After looking at the preview, maybe it’s just me, but I can definitely see a thinly-veiled attempt to emulate the BBC version with a similar music track and ‘words on the screen’ production techniques.

When Sherlock has lines like, “…sometimes I hate it when I’m right” and “…not everything is deducible” combined with the concept of reducing the Dr. Watson character to one of giving up being a doctor to become a companion because she ‘made a mistake during a surgery that cost a patient his life‘, makes me think that, overall, CBS’ Elementary looks ‘entertaining’ enough but, personally, it definitely lives up to its name when compared to the Steven Moffatt/Mark Gatiss BBC version of Sherlock that starred Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

Possibly an “A” for effort, but in the end it’s another example of a brilliant British series that just really didn’t need an American version.

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  • Tori Rose

    I will say I saw an episode of Elementary when it came out. I wasn’t exactly impressed. While Sherlock is a masterfully crafted production I found the show to be a half-assed replica at best. Not to say it doesn’t have its merits, I do think Johnny Lee Miller’s acting is quite good, but the overall ambiance of the show doesn’t leave much to the imagination.