Post Red Dwarf it's Death in Paradise for the Cat

What does one do if, in a previous life, you were a humanoid lifeform living on a mining spaceship owned and operated by the Jupiter Mining Corporation and you had evolved from the descendants of a pregnant pet cat named Frankenstein? Oh, and you are vain, aloof, and love to dress in extravagant clothing? Easy. You head to the Caribbean, of course.

Danny John-Jules (Cat), most recently, has spent some quality time on a small Caribbean island as head of the local police force along with the newly arrived Detective Inspector Richard Poole (Ben Miller), filming Death In Paradise. DI Poole has been called in from London to investigate the suspicious death of a British cop in the Caribbean and encounters a somewhat more laid-back atmosphere that he’s used to in the Metropolitan Police.

While Danny John-Jules might not be initially recognizable from his days as Cat on Red Dwarf, you’ll remember Miller from his roles in both Worst Week of My Life and Primeval. Also in the first episode is Lenora Crichlow of Being Human fame.

While the series premiered in the UK to a few mixed reviews, it did garner some strong viewing numbers showing that after a couple of episodes you’re hooked. The second series is targeted for a late 2012, early 2013 broadcast date in the UK.

Those waiting for this in the States should begin setting the DVR’s for your local public television station beginning in early 2013. Yet another series that will be worth the hard drive space on your DVR.

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