MTV UK's Geordie Shore does Downton Abbey

What would the Dowager Countess say?

Ok, while I don’t profess to have ever seen an episode of Geordie Shore, the British adaptation of the U.S. series, Jersey Shore, I have heard of it so, of course, that makes me an expert, right? Set in and around Newcastle Upon Tyne and South Shields, the series premiered in 2011 and tends to be a bit less structured than shows like The Only Way Is Essex and Made in Chelsea.

Series three began filming in March and just recently premiered on MTV UK in June. The MTV UK site when announcing the commissioning of a third series said, …love it or hate it, Geordie Shore is irresistibly awful TV, and the success of the series truly shows how much the geordies are some of the most loveable people on the planet” Ok, let’s not get carried away here. It’s like they are trying to compare it to the most recent incarnation of Dallas, for heaven’s sake, which is both awful telly AND the characters are nowhere near loveable, but it is great guilty pleasure viewing.

Awful telly or not, loveable characters or not, the Geordie Shore cast did a brilliant send up of Downton Abbey as part of their promotion for series three recently. Not sure what the Dowager Countess would say if she had crossed paths with the likes of Sophie, Charlotte, James, Rebecca or Ricci but I bet it would be priceless. Watch below or click here for yet another reason that I cannot wait until January 2013.

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