Basil Fawlty, the paton saint of Friday the 13th

For many, Friday the 13th may be the one day where your actions (or inactions) range from staying inside, avoiding black cats, walk way out of your way to prevent you from walking under ladders, or even attempting to avoid buildings that have a 13th floor. Unfortunately, for Basil Fawlty, every day is Friday the 13th at Fawlty Towers without his even trying. When you think about it, in 12 short episodes, Basil experienced a lifetime of Friday the 13th’s.

Using O’Reilly over Stubbs time after time

Owning a car that had the audacity to not start on Gourmet Night

The bad luck of mentioning the war ‘one too many times’

Just knowing Basil could be unlucky. Just ask Manuel who was set on fire…

…and then an unfortunate meeting with the business end of a frying pan.

The most unlucky inhabitant of Fawlty Towers, however, would have to been Mr. Leeman

These are some of my favorites. What about you? The Rat? Choking the Hotel Inspectors? Not to worry. Whatever happens to you today, just think of Basil Fawlty and realize that this happens to him every day.

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