Red Dwarf X edges closer to reality with :50 of trailer greatness

Hard to believe that a mere :50 seconds of video can bring so much joy and happiness across the land. From a personal standpoint, following the process from those six fateful studio taping days in late 2011, early 2012 to near completion has been bittersweet given the knowledge that I had secured tickets to attend one of the screenings and was unable to make the 5000 mile trek to Shepperton Studios back in December. Before we go on, here’s the first look at the upcoming Red Dwarf X series coming this Fall on Dave, the self-appointed Home of Witty Banter.

Blocking that dark day from my mind yet quietly confident in the fact that should the opportunity present itself that if there is ever to be an RDXI I will be in that studio audience no matter what, it’s been brilliant to follow the progress of the series on the official Red Dwarf homepage. Following the live-audience shoots and the pain-staking process of filming the visual effect shots including the creation of the models to be inserted, came the all-important green screen work and ADR (Additional Dialogue Recording) from the actors. Ready for transmission? Not even close. As they so aptly describe visually, it’s been nothing short of hectic “…ever since the rubber mask, leather jacket, fanged teeth and letter “H” were put back in the cupboard”. When photography wrapped a short five-months ago, so began the extensive and thorough post-production process.

Extremely critical to the final stages of any production is some of the most important work on any series….the editing. Series co-creator Doug Naylor and RDX co-producer, Richard Naylor holed up in an editing suite without so much as a hint of food and water until initial rough cuts were completed and then passed to Howard Goodall, whose job it is to compose his usual music magic, as he did for Red Dwarf I-VI, including the opening titles and closing credits.

Finally, according to the only official source of Red Dwarf X news: “…visual effects were fully signed off just a fortnight ago, leaving only the final sound mixes and visual grading of the last episode, which was finished – declaring the shows “creatively complete” – on the 19th of June. That’s right, folks: a complete Red Dwarf X finally, officially, exists”.

All in all, a great start to a great weekend with :50 seconds of pure video greatness and then words straight from the source, Red Dwarf X is on its way…

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