Olympic Gold from Team Downton Abbey

If there has ever been a question as to the validity of Twitter or any other form of social media, time to put those questions to bed. One simple tweet last week by the Earl of Grantham himself (@hughbon), Hugh Bonneville, has put a priceless value on Twitter for the time being. Seems as though the cast from Downton Abbey escaped from final filming for series three and took a quick trip to Olympic Park and the Opening Ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympics.

Long-time tellyspotting reader, Patty Winter, tracked this priceless moment down and sent it over to share with the world. As she so rightfully pointed out, this one is a far cry from the usual shot of the cast lined up in front of Downton Abbey and, not many cast photos, if any, include Julian Fellowes. Also, looks like Bates was released from prison for at least one night anyway…

For those members of the Downton Abbey Separation Anxiety Support Group, I hope this has gotten you through another day. Cheers.

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