Downton Abbey moves to Sesame Street this Fall

In 2011, the Guinness Book of World Records called Downton Abbey the most critically acclaimed English-language television show, the first British production to have ever received such recognition. After the first two series, Downton Abbey has amassed 27 Primetime Emmy nominations (winning 6 so far), making it the most nominated non-American program in Primetime Emmy history. If that’s not enough, it has become the most successful British costume drama since the 1981 television serial version of Brideshead Revisited.

Numerous awards, unheard of critical acclaim, fans worldwide and even parodies by Saturday Night Live and Jimmy Fallon aside, the pure brilliance that is Downton Abbey has finally hit the U.S. big time with a parody segment during the upcoming 43rd season of Sesame Street, the award-winning children’s educational series on PBS.

The long-time PBS children’s favorite will feature Upside Downton Abbey with a chaotic manor house where gravity is turned on its head. News from Sesame Workshop, the producers of Sesame Street, report that Big Bird and the Cookie Monster battle to keep order as items continually “drop” to the ceiling. No word yet as to when Upside Downton Abbey will air, but the 43rd season will premiere Monday, 24 September on PBS stations across the country. Can’t wait to see a muppet version of the Dowager Countess.

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