Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall: Lego style

Yet another tip of the hat to long-time tellyspotting reader (and now, I’m thinking, contributor), Patty Winter, for sending in this bit of video brilliance. There are times that you look at things and wonder why and how people have so much time on their hands to do something. Then you see something this creative and labor intensive and it’s all you can do to just take a moment and salute the genius way people take advantage of the idle time on their hands. So, whoever is responsible for this bit of greatness, thank you on behalf of Sherlock fans worldwide.

Have to admit, I did feel a bit like one of the people that commented on the video who said, “I can’t believe I just cried over Legos“. That said, everyone keep telling yourself that it’s getting closer to 2013 and series 3 every waking moment. If you watch one other video this weekend, re-watch the ending to The Reichenbach Fall and you will realize just how genius this is.

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