Fancy a Sherlock location walk thru London?

As a Sherlock fan, any day walking in London could be considered ‘perfect’ if you begin at Speedy’s Sandwich Bar and Cafe and end at the Sherlock Holmes Pub. Even though it’s non-Sherlock related. I’m afraid my ‘perfect’ day would have to end at The Nags Head in Knightsbridge but, I digress.

Seemingly overcome with TeamGB-mania, The Jet Lagged Vagabond has put together a brilliant walk through London thanks, in large part, to the vast Sherlock resources available from the folks over at Sherlockology, using their locations compiled from the first two series of what is still the best television on television (sorry, Downton fans).

The Jet Lagged Vagabond Sherlock Walk starts at Speedy’s Sandwich Bar and Cafe, again, as all walks in London should. Why Speedy’s you ask? One, you probably will want the now infamous Sherlock Wrap to build up your strength for the 3+hour walk through the streets of London and, two, obviously, is the fact the next door to the left of Speedy’s is the most famous address on the planet, 221B Baker Street (even though you are actually at 187 North Gower Street).

From Speedy’s, it’s a short 2.1 mile walk to St. Barts Hospital via Russell Square Gardens. Sherlock fans will recognize Russell Square Gardens which was used in the  “A Study in Pink” episode from series 1 and the life changing scene for John Watson as he runs into an old friend who in turn introduces Watson to Sherlock Holmes at his place of work, St. Bart’s Hospital. Look up and the average Sherlock fan will immediately recognize the rooftop of St. Barts from the ridiculously brilliant final sequence from series two, “The Reichenbach Fall”.

From St. Bart’s head south to St. Paul’s Cathedral and keep going until you come to the Millennium Bridge. Cross the Thames to the South Bank and look for a text message from Sherlock as Irene Adler did. In case you haven’t deduced by now, you are heading towards the iconic Battersea Power Station, which figured prominently  in “A Scandal in Belgravia”. From the power station, it’s a short 30-minute walk to 44 Eaton Square in Belgravia or Irene Adler’s home. Note to self: Try to resist the temptation of ringing the doorbell and acting like you’ve been mugged and need to use the phone to call the police. You remember what happened to Holmes.

At this point, the Jet Lagged Vagabond realizes that you are now about 3-hours into your Sherlock walk and, perhaps, in need of a pint which is where the Sherlock Holmes Pub enters the picture. Feel free to have one for me. I’ll have one for you at the Nags Head later.

Any walk through London is a great walk, but the Sherlock Walk as put together by the Jet Lagged Vagabond with help from Sherlockology is a brilliant one. Unfortunately, it would have been more than perfect if one could get to the Bristol South Swimming Pool, perhaps the site of the best series cliffhanger ever, that is until the St. Barts rooftop scene in series 2, obviously. Unfortunately, might be a bit of a walk to Bristol. But, for the adventurous, head over to Paddington Station and take the train to Bristol Temple Meads Station and then a bus to the pool.

For a more detailed breakdown of the walk, visit the Jet Lagged Vagabond who, by now, has veered off to Tapas Brindisa which was also featured in “A Study in Pink” to look at all the cool photos taken along the way today.


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