A post Olympics first look at BBC's Ripper Street

As the sun sets on the Olympics, darkness rises on Ripper Street, so says the BBC trailer that ran during the closing days of the London 2012 Games. The newest installment to an amazing upcoming line-up of BBC drama, stars Matthew Macfadyen (Spooks, Pride and Prejudice) and Jerome Flynn (Game of Thrones).

With filming having just been completed on location in Dublin, the Richard Warlow series is set in and around Whitechapel in London’s East End in 1889, during the aftermath of the Jack The Ripper murders. The storyline centers on the infamous H Division, which has the simple task of restoring and keeping some assemblance of order in the chaotic streets of East London. Ripper Street explores the lives of characters trying to recover from the Ripper’s legacy, from crimes that have not only irretrievably altered their lives, but the very fabric of their city. At the drama’s heart our detectives try to bring a little light into the dark world they inhabit.


BBC AMERICA’s SVP of Programming, Richard De Croce said: “…To this day, audiences continue to be fascinated by Jack The Ripper and the events in Whitechapel in the late 19th Century. This script and cast are going to take us for a great ride. We’re excited to be involved in such an ambitious production with Tiger Aspect and Lookout Point.”.

Even though this may be an ‘apple and oranges comparison’ given that this is period drama and the recent brilliant series Whitechapel with Rupert Penry-Jones was set in present day, they both have the same incredibly intense look and feel. This is definitely one to set your DVR for.

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