A glimpse of Sherlock 3 from Steven Moffat's mind palace?

Sadly, I have to be the adult in the room and say, no, this isn’t ‘official’. At this point, we are no where near the scheduled 2013 start for principle production filming of Sherlock 3 and all we really know so far from co-creators, Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, is that the Arthur Conan Doyle story that the series 3 premiere will begin with (The Adventure of the Empty House). I’m going to go out on a limb and say that while not ‘official’, it’s a brilliantly made fan video. However, we are talking Steven Moffat here so anything is possible, right?

For those still reeling over Sherlock’s leap from the rooftop of St Barts at the end of series 2, this well edited piece provides a brief glimpse as to how series 3 just might begin…it’s three years later, Mycroft tells John that he’s found evidence Sherlock is alive and back in London….

While it does cause you to relive one of the best and most poignant television program endings in your own personal mind palace, it does make the wait until 2013 just a little be easier….for a couple of minutes, anyway.

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