The Sherlock 3 storyline in 'three little words'!

In November 2010, just prior to the beginning of production on series 2 of Sherlock, we caught up with co-creators/co-writers, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss in London where they uttered three simple words that would, ultimately, hold the key to unlocking what audiences worldwide wanted to know….the storyline for the three programs that were to make up series 2. Those words, Woman, Hound and Fall, would define some of the best television to come our way in 2012.

It’s that time again as Sue Vertue, Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss and Andrew Scott (Moriarty) made their way to Edinburgh for the Sherlock Master Class to utter three simple words that will define, yet again, the best television that will come our way in 2013. And those three words that will be etched in all of our collective mind palaces over the next 18 months?


There you have it! Time to put on your deerstalker hat and channel your inner-most Sherlock to determine what this means!

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