Suranne Jones: From Scott & Bailey to A Touch of Cloth and back again

While Suranne Jones may not be a name you recognize, I’m guessing most are quite familiar with her work. If not, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do soon as you’re going to be seeing much more of her stellar work on both sides of the pond in the days to come. Since her early days on Coronation Street, Jones has guest starred opposite a current Doctor (Matt Smith, Doctor Who) a former Doctor (David Tennant, Single Father) and a Doctor’s companion (Elisabeth Sladen, The Sarah Jane Adventures) while sprinkling in numerous stage performances throughout the UK. Over the past couple of years, life has gotten quite busy for the actress which is all the better for us on the other side of the telly.

Following rave reviews for the just concluded A Touch of Cloth, the Charlie Brooker created spoof of every British police procedural drama made in the last decade, where she offered up a brilliant performance of the no-nonsense sidekick DC Anne Oldman to John Hannah’s DCI Jack Cloth, Jones will now pack her bags and head off to begin work on series three of Scott and Bailey. As she announced on The Jonathan Ross Show this past weekend, S&B3 is set to begin production in November with a target UK transmission of March 2013 on ITV 1. If all the planets align in the coming months, Scott & Bailey should also be hitting the States for the first time in early 2013 on public television stations nationwide.

Suranne Jones, A Touch of Cloth

Suranne Jones, Scott & Bailey

After seeing both series, I can’t decide which will tax her considerable acting talents more….not laughing while saying her lines during A Touch of Cloth or not laughing while saying her lines during Scott & Bailey….either way, can’t wait for the next installment of both series.

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