Red Dwarf X sets an October 4 launch

For just a few minutes, forget that Downton Abbey 3 returns in September in the UK (January in the States), Sherlock 3 won’t even begin filming until January 2013, Doctor Who 7.1 is a mere 3 days away and it will be another year, at least, before we’ll see any new Rev programs. While it seems like an eternity since those thrilling days of yesteryear back in December 2011 when the crew from ‘the small rouge one’ descended on Shepperton Studios for a bit of fun…

…the real news the we’ve all been waiting for is —

Red Dwarf X launches 4 October 2012 on Dave!

Like most everyone else, I don’t really count Red Dwarf: Back to Earth as an official return of the series so this is something true fans have been waiting for since 1993. Fro those who were in attendance back in December/January for the taping of the audience portions of RDX, this is old Red Dwarf…meaning potential brilliance.

After revealing the titles for the upcoming series, someone with probably a bit more knowledge about the series than the law allows, Robert Llewellyn (Kryten), commented: “I could try and be all self-deprecating and depressed because I don’t want to raise your hopes too much, but I just can’t do that. Red Dwarf X is way better than I ever dared hope.” Word is that yesterday, the cast met with reporters who had seen episode 1 and there was excitement all around.

RDX episode titles:

1 – Trojan
2 – Fathers and Suns
3 – Lemons
4 – Entangled
5 – Dear Dave
6 – The Beginning

In preparation for the launch, while perusing the Dave website, I ran across a somewhat lengthy Which Red Dwarf character are you? quiz. Should I be worried or proud that I’m most like Lister?

And, speaking of Red Dwarf, it may only be 30 August, but it’s never too early to make plans to attend Dimension Jump XVII, the official Red Dwarf Convention. Register between now and 23:59:59 on Monday, 3rd September to get a reduced rate.

Don’t forget. Red Dwarf X, 4 October 2012 on Dave. The universe will never be the same.

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