Red Dwarf X: The time is near

Even though I’m still reeling over the fact that, in my possession, I had tickets to be in the studio audience at Shepperton Studios for a taping of the upcoming Red Dwarf X this past December and wasn’t able to attend, I find a bit of comfort in the almost daily releases of production stills and trailers coming from the ‘small rouge one’ as Robert Llewellyn so apt describes Red Dwarf. Take heart, RDX premieres 4 October on Dave, the home of witty banter.

This weeks trailer is proof positive that we are about to experience the Red Dwarf of the mid-90’s, complete with the return of a studio audience (minus me, but I’m not bitter) and no where near someone’s crazy notion that, after 20 years since the last ‘series’, RDX was going to be nothing more than grumpy old men in space. Far from it. How there can possibly be 10 ‘dislikes’ on this video is beyond belief.

I mean, after all, the series was finally referenced on The Big Bang Theory. That said, for some unknown reason, Leonard did turn down Sheldon’s video offer of watching ‘all 61’ episodes of Red Dwarf in favor of Penny’s offer of candles, cheap wine and bubble wrap. I’m guessing that after RDX, they change their tune, with or without the fiddle-faddle.

In: Comedy