Red Dwarf Weekends start the UK countdown to S10

Yes, we all have 4 October burned in to our collective mind palaces as the return of what may just be the best Red Dwarf series to date. Not wanting to merely sit on their RDX laurels, Dave launches Red Dwarf Weekends beginning today with two entire series of the British sci-fi comedy each weekend counting backwards from series 8 leading up to the series ten premiere.

If you are keeping score at home…

(Keep a lookout for the secret code during the commercial break)

(Another secret code will unlock new trailer on the website)

(Don’t forget: secret code = brand new trailer!)

(Last trailer to be revealed – keep an eye out for the secret code during ad breaks)

  • Red Dwarf I – Sunday 30th September from 11am
  • RED DWARF X – Thursday 4th October at 9pm

The cool thing about the next month of Red Dwarf programs is not the fact that viewers will be able to see 52 episodes prior to the premiere (thankfully, no Red Dwarf: Back to Earth scheduled at press time), but by making a note of the secret codes shown during the commercial breaks throughout the Saturday episodes and heading to Dave’s Red Dwarf website, fans will be able to unlock a brand new RDX trailer every weekend until the new series launch. This whole ‘find the secret code to unlock the next series trailer’ is a far cry from the early days of RD where the technological achievements were the enhanced whooshy noises.

Dave’s Red Dwarf Weekend – another reason to be in the UK asap, the others being the urge for a Sherlock Wrap from Speedy’s Sandwich Bar & Cafe and Downton Abbey 3 begins on 16 September. Since that’s probably not going to happen by this weekend, guess I’ll grap the old Red Dwarf DVD set and settle for DA3 in January 2013.

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