Sherlock gets Japanese manga makeover

It was probably more than enough for Sherlock Holmes purists back in 2010 when they were forced to handle the thought that the world’s greatest consulting detective could be transformed into the 21st century, not to mention with an iPhone of all things. I think we all know how the Steven Moffat/Mark Gatiss creation caused even the hardest of hardcore Jeremy Brett fans to reconsider their position when faced with the telly brilliance that starred Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in the BBC/PBS production of Sherlock.

Giving fans another option to pass the length of time between now and late 2013 when the world will be treated to a third series of Sherlock, it’s time again to test the razor-thin resolve of Sherlock Holmes fans worldwide when Kadokawa’s Young Ace magazine will debut a manga adaptation of “A Study in Pink”, the original episode in the series co-created and written by Moffat and Gatiss. While not the first time that Sherlock Holmes has inspired a Japanese manga (there’s even been a canine version, Sherlock Hound) it is a first for the BBC/PBS 21st century adaptation.

The Sherlock manga issue of Young Ace magazine will be released on 4 October.

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