Could Sherlock 3 be 'the end'? Not in my mind palace.

While the Daily Express is reporting that the upcoming series of Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman could be the last due to extremely busy schedules of the two lead actors, let us stop and remember that this is television and anything can happen. Remember that this is the same production team that was able to keep the news of a commissioning of a third series of Sherlock for upwards of a year when the BBC commissioned series 2 and 3 at the same time. This is roughly the same team that kept quite the news that new Doctor Who companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman, would appear in the first episode of the new season and not during the Christmas episode. Also, remember this is the Daily Express.

Me? I’m holding on to an interview that Benedict did back in June when asked how long he would be able to keep up his rigorous schedule. “I’ll always do Sherlock — it’s something I’m not going to give up on. I love it too much. It’s hard work, but it’s so rewarding and such a lovely bunch of people who do it.

Also mentioning that he’d be keenly interested in playing Sherlock for another 15 years largely due to the fact that writer Steven Moffat started the series from a younger beginning than previous incarnations of Sherlock., he said: “We love our fans and we love what it’s created. It’s an incredible thing to be part of; it doesn’t happen that often. Don’t worry; it’s not going to disappear.

So, again, anything is possible, and I’m sticking to that thought. Time to put my head in the sand until we get the news of Sherlock 4 being commissioned by the BBC and PBS. Anyone with me?

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