Every Doctor Who villain as of 12:30am Tuesday, 18 Sept

The Doctor, the time-traveling humanoid alien Time Lord with two hearts, has been exploring the BBC universe in the TARDIS since November 1963. While there have been a fair number of companions (35 to be exact) that have shared his adventures in saving civilizations, helping everyday inhabitants of Planet Earth, and right more wrongs that the law allows. The one constant through the entire 49+ years of existence has been the presence of the foe, villain or antagonist to the Doctor. Some 400+ villains have tormented the Doctor in some form or fashion over the years with the Dalek toping the list of most appearances, the first dating back to 1963.

Remember when I commented awhile back on the fact that there are times where you are really glad that some people have way too much time on their hands because they make really good use of the ‘spare time’? A perfect example comes from the folks at Many Eyes where they have catalogued every villain and created an amazing visualization showing every foe to have crossed paths with the Doctor right up until this past weeks broadcast of “A Town Called Mercy”.

The ridiculously amazingly cool graphic can be accessed via the Many Eyes website or here at The Guardian and will provide you with hours upon hours of activity. Just click the ‘click to interact‘ button on the above graphic and be prepared for some serious geek out. Cheers.

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