Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon by Trinity Orchestra

With the thought that imitation is truly the sincerest form of flattery, the second-to-none English rock bank, Pink Floyd, must be one of a handful of bands that have felt the most flattered over the years. We all know of the internationally successful Aussie Pink Floyd, followed by Brit Pink Floyd which, in reality, wouldn’t that be Pink Floyd? That said, there have been countless local bands from around the world that have attempted to cover Pink Floyd greatness over the years with names such as The Wall, Think Floyd, The Machine, Bricks in the Wall and Floyd Factor.

Thinking that this is probably one of the most impossible bands to ‘cover’, this has to be one of the best renditions of the brilliance that is Nick Mason, Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Richard Wright with the original ‘Dark Side of the Moon’. I’m guessing that this comes from a group of musicians that probably don’t think of themselves as a cover band, The Trinity Orchestra. Shot at Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin, this particular event occurred on back in July 2012, where the entirely student-run Trinity Orchestra came together for what had to be one of their most adventurous and highly anticipated musical projects, Pink Floyd’s 70s progressive rock album ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ arranged for full orchestra, band, and singers.!

The Trinity Orchestra is an entirely student-run society that brings together some of the most talented young musicians in Ireland, all of whom are currently students or staff in Trinity College Dublin. The players, from various disciplines within the college, are brought together by their love and aptitude for music. The cool thing is that Trinity Orchestra’s more recent tradition of arranging popular music was originally established so as to provide society members with a new opportunity to be creative, making alternative use of the orchestral sound. FYI, it’s working.

Enjoy, it’s well worth the 8+ minutes you’re getting ready to invest.

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  • I love the concept of arranging popular music for orchestra performance. It is so powerful! Even our Mobile, Alabama Symphony experiments with this alternative sound on occasion. I remember hearing them do Pink Floyd’s The Wall once or did I dream this? Anyway it was so cool!!!!