From the Friday Vault: Men Behaving Badly turns 20

As we pull together our collective thoughts from the past couple of days at the BBC Syndication Showcase in the Big Easy, based on the response from last weeks premiere of From the Friday Vault, I thought we’d not only continue this feature but actually get it to you on a Friday! Great concept, huh?

First, however, a quick thank you to everyone who sent in feedback on the feature and also to those that made suggestions for future Fridays. If you’d like to see something dug out of the vault, don’t be shy. Would love to turn folks on to a hidden gem each week for some last minute weekend viewing.

This weeks entry of the classic British comedy, Men Behaving Badly, magically coincides with the 20th anniversary release of an all-new box-set on Monday, 29 October and will include all six series. As with all DVD anniversary sets these days, you’ll also get the 1997 Christmas Special, Comic Relief sketches and a new BBC Radio 4 documentary.

For those that may be unfamiliar with or forgotten the series, it first aired in 1991 on ITV1 and starred Martin Clunes (Doc Martin) as Gary with Harry Enfield as his flatmate Dermot. Enfield was replaced for the second series by Neil Morrissey with Caroline Quentin and Leslie Ash playing Dorothy and Deborah respectively. Morrissey can now be seen in the new BBC One comedy, Me and Mrs. Jones with Sarah Alexander.

Recently asked about the possibility of a MBB revival, Clunes quickly put an end to the reports. In true Clunes tongue-in-cheek fashion, he seemed to brush off the belief that most of the original cast was extremely busy with other projects which would include himself with the recent announcement that filming would soon begin on series six of Doc Martin and said, “To be perfectly honest, the others haven’t aged as well as I have so I think it would be a bit unfair“.

***FYI, Men Behaving Badly is currently being broadcast on a number of public television stations across the U.S., including Saturday nights at 11:30p on KERA Channel 13.***

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